History August Pine Ridge Community Library

August Pine Ridge is a village located in the Orange Walk District. The library officially opened its door to the public on Monday November 8, 1991. This was made possible by the acquisition of a large donation of books from the World Bank Book Project. A library committee was formed to establish and administrate the library.The high school students and their parents worked hard to renovate a large room in the Community Center. They cleaned and painted inside and outside; repaired doors and windows; finally, they furnished the room with linoleum, adequate light fixtures, tables, chairs and bookshelves.

To purchase the materials and furniture, the committee solicited donations from the Village Council and the area representative, Hon. Guadelupe Pech. Community fundraising was accomplished by holding three video nights.

Committee member, Mr. Percival Gideon, was acting as librarian while he was also a primary school teacher.

The community librarian working presently is Mrs. Paulita Reneau.