History Ignacia Cacho

Dangriga is privileged to have two libraries after a library had been housed in the Town Hall for over forty years. Library service in Dangriga dates as far back as the late 1950s, when a library was housed in a building where the HelpAge building is presently located. That building was destroyed in the 1961 Hurricane Hattie, after which the library was housed in the Town Hall at its northern end.

As development occurred the space became inadequate, so when Mr. Cornelius Cacho donated land for a library to the Dangriga Town Board in 1987 this was quite timely. Negotiations to acquire funding began, and all the efforts came to reality on July 31, 2003 when the spacious one flat library building was inaugurated.

There are several persons who contributed to the development of library service in Dangriga: Mrs. Dorothy Vicente Zuniga, Miss Celestina Swaso, Mr. Peter Parchue, Mrs. Cornelia Antonio Ciego, Mr. Brian Vicente, Dr. Arlie Petters and Mr. Eloy Castillo. Mrs. Cornelia Ciego and Mr. Lex Miguel have been working together for the past fourteen years. Other part time staff included Mrs. Loretta Antonio Miranda, Miss Christine Witty and Miss Rosita Sabal.

Within the past fourteen years, we have been receiving supplies and books from friends in the USA, including Mrs. Ann Bowles from Monona, Wisconsin; Miss Paget Engen and Mrs. Jeffi Powell from Oregon; Mrs. Ann Henderson along with her students and sister, Julie; Miss Sharon Wilson and Mr. Desi Ruiz contributed to the Library Fund. The Dangriga Education Centre donated over six hundred books from the US Army shipment.

Local donations came from Mrs. Elizabeth Diego and the Smithsonian Institute based at Carrie Bow Cay. On the day of the opening, the Cacho Family donated a Dell computer and a three in one printer, photocopier, and fax.

The National Library Service has upgraded the lending service with the introduction of the ID card system. This requires a three dollar membership fee to cover the cost of laminating the card.

Gratitude must be expressed to Mrs. Matilda Ramos, Mr. Nicholas Partis and the Dangriga Town Council who have contributed to the membership fund to pay for the less fortunate children. At present, there is a membership of 409 adults and 665 children, and the membership keeps growing daily.

In 2009, we had a change in staff when Mrs. Cornelia Ceigo, Senior Library Assistant of over twenty years resigned and Ms. Beverly Marin took over and the Library Assistant Alex Miguel resigned and Ms. Romy Sabal took his place. The first ever book sale lasted from July to October and we had a large of variety of children and adult fiction. The library’s furniture were also repaired and strengthened while the adults tables were re-varnished. The floor was tiled in a beautiful off-white color which greatly improves the appearance of the library and everyone comments on the difference. We had the circulation counter painted in bright green and yellow colors with black trim that also contributes to a warmer environment.

The library staff welcomes both locals and foreigners to the library, as they do their best to provide a professional service.