Indian Church Community

Indian Church is located in the Orange Walk District. The village is famous for tourist attractions like the Maya Site Lamanai, which is located on the bank of the 30 mile long New River Lagoon in North Central Belize. Lamanai is one of Belize’s longest ceremonial center and one of the most important. The name “Lamanai” comes from the word, “submerge crocodile” in the Maya language. Many representations of the crocodile can be found throughout this site.

A Peace Corps Volunteer by the name of Ms. Addie Webster while working in the village saw the need for a library so she teamed up with Ms. Laura Howard and together along with the Village Council and the village Artisan to fundraise to get the library. Monies for the project were raised by Ms. Laura Howard (donations from tour group) and Ms. Addie Webster (donations from the church members). Through the Ministry of Education they were able to get the Teacher’s House to use as the library. With assistance from the Belize National Library Service the library opened its door to the public in February 2005.

Community Librarian working presently is Mrs. Sonia Arevalo.