San Pedro Corozal

San Pedro Library is located in San Pedro Village, Corozal District; it has greatly benefited many primary and secondary students, parents, teachers and villagers.

The library first opened its door to the community in 1991 under the collaboration of Mrs. Angela Blankenau (Peace Corp Volunteer), Mr. Bill Blankenau and then principal of San Pedro Government School Mr. Ismael Vallejos. They saw the need to expose students to a variety of English reading materials especially since their mother tongue was Spanish; even though English was taught in school.

Besides, at the time, the parents who were cane-farmers or cane-cutters of rich Mayan Heritage could not afford to purchase all the required textbooks for the children. On the other hand, the population at the time was about 200 people (35 families approximately) and the students had to travel all the way to Corozal Town to do their research. It was relatively far since this was a remote village and it caused great difficulty as students arrived home late and parents were in disagreement.

Hence, Mrs. Angela Blankenau, who was a Peace Corps Volunteer working as a teacher trainer in San Pedro Government School, saw the great need to increase the village’s language skills and knowledge. Therefore, she put all her effort and time to start the library project. With that small collection from the Economy Company of Oklahoma USA and Rotary Belize, the project started at the Village Community Center.

It was not until about February of 1993 that the Community Library was transferred to the then teacher’s house after receiving verbal approval for the use of said building by the District Education Officer, Mr. Pedro KuKul.

For the past 14 years to date Mrs. Felomena Yah has rendered her faithful service to her community as librarian. This humble servant has touched the lives of many school children as she takes her time and patience to read with them. Children who are library members have improved drastically as they express themselves in English and have developed positive reading habits.