Yo Creek

In the mid-nineteen fifties, rural schools had limited resources needed to foster learning and to promote love for reading. The only available resources were the government subsidized textbooks and a few story books which students used during school hours.

Yo creek RC School, being rural in geographic setting, was no exception to this educational set back. Desirous to bring better educational facilities to the school and community, the Yo Creek RC principal, Mrs. Adolfa Garcia and staff, sought the help of the Chief librarian, Mr. Leo Bradley for a school library. In 1958, Mr. Leo Bradley responded favorably to the request by setting up a school library service stocked with a fair amount of children’s and adult books as well as research materials. This marked the humble beginning of the Yo Creek Community Library.

Mrs. Adolfa Garcia became the first librarian who served voluntarily, with the assistance of her senior staff, after school hours. Records of books issued to members, students and adults, were kept in tabulated exercise books. It was good to note that the school library had an active readers group which participated in debates, drama and entertainment.

Mrs. Adolfa was transferred to another school in 1965, her successors, Mr. Bonifacio Gusman and Mr. Bernardino Pech, delegated senior members to staff to be in charged of the school library. By this time, the library had grown gradually, in its membership and new stock arrivals from headquarters. The schoolroom could no longer accommodate this expansion and so the need arose to transfer the library to another building.

The task of transferring the school library to a more spacious building was carried out by Mr. Santiago Garcia, who became the new principal of the Yo creek RC School in 1971. Besides his administrative duties, Mr. S. Garcia accepted the Chief Librarian’s offer to take charge of running the community library. It is to be noted that Mr. S. Garcia had previously attended annual Library Training Workshops in Belize City in the early 1960’s and was the founder of the August Pine ridge Community Library in 1962. With this technical knowledge in basic library science, Mr. S. Garcia was confident in the development of the library.

To carry on the transfer of the school library to another spacious place, Mr. Garcia requested the Chief Librarian, Mr. Leo Bradley, to negotiate with the Yo Creek Village council for a vacant room in the Community Center. The negotiation was fruitful, but the task of accommodation remained. With financial and technical support from National Library Services Headquarters, a partition was built; new book shelf, tables, chairs and other additional furniture were provided. Besides, a large stock of library materials was brought in from headquarters, was classified, shelved and labeled. The result was a new community library ready to meet the educational needs of the school and the community.

Community Librarian working presently is Mr. Jorge Sosa